Hengameh Golestan

Hengameh Golestan is a pioneer among Iranian women photographers. She has been documenting live in Iran

for twenty-eight years. She

has photographed vast numbers

of women and children, instances

of family life, traditional

wedding and everyday life in

Iran. During the revolution,

she captured moments of

rebellion on the part of women.

She photographed the last day

for Iranian women without the

hejab(veil), when group of

women from every profession

– nurses, students, theathers

– took part in an enormous

demonstration which ended

with them being attacked and

stabbed in the streets of


Hengameh Golestan Was born

in 1952 in Tehran. Married to

photojournalist Kaveh golestan.

She developed her own photographic

practice as well as assisting her

husband on various projects, including

`Recording The Truth` a film about censorship in Iran for channel Four which


resulted in Kaveh`s house arrest in Iran.

Hengameh Golestan has traveled extensively to towns and villages in Iran and Kurdistan, As a woman, she has had access to women in their domestic settings, enabling her to produce a body of work – including the hand – tinted village wedding, village life and suburban wedding – which is both intimate and fascinating.Paragliding records an afternoon spent by a group of women    paragliding in crash helmets and chador, a striking and often paradoxical set
of images of life since the revolution. Her extraordinary record of the last day before the veil is shown for the first time at Tart Gallery.

1978 Exhabition at Iranian Museum of Contemporary Art
1979 Prize-winner in 'Child – Faith – Freedom'
1979 umented women during the Iranian revolution
1981 Kurdistan. Photographing Kurdish women at prayer and at work, as well as demonstrating
1983 Collection of photographs by Hengameh and Kaveh Golestan of children – before the revolution. During the uprising and during the Iran-Iraq war – published
1984 Moved to Britain with husband and eight month old son
1988 Photographic short course at London College of Printing
1991 Assisted Kaveh Golestan in making of 'Recording The Truth' Channel Four film about censorship in Iran.
1994 Leeds Article about women`s lives in Iran in Independent on Sunday magazine.
1995 Exhibited at Signals Festival of women Photographers, Dewsbury Museum,
1996 Exhibitted at Cardiff Jazz Festival.
1996-98 Series of photographs published in Index on censorship: exhibited at international women`s day shows
1999 Group show of Iranian photographers and painters, Leighton House Museum.
2005 Group exhibition at " N Gallery" in Georgia and an article in
a Georgian Magazine called "Finger Print".